Read Write Inc.

At St Richards VC Academy we support the teaching of phonics, in Foundation Stage and Key Stage one, through Read Write Inc. It is proven to develop:

  • Fluent, enthusiastic readers
  • Seep comprehension of texts
  • Confident speakers
  • Keen writers.
  • Our children are taught to:
  • Learn to read and write letter-sounds quickly
  • Decode effortlessly, spell and handwrite easily
  • Comprehend what they read
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Write confidently using oral rehearsal
  • Work effectively with a partner to articulate their learning at every step.
  • Our Reading Scheme
  • We encourage you to read with your child at home every school night.
  • Their school reading book is a slightly easier book to read as we find this improves their confidence and fluency when they are reading. At home, we encourage childen to take the opportunity to broaden their range by reading library books and other books they might have at home.
  • They are challenged with harder texts at school (a sublevel above their reading level), where they are asked questions about what they have read, working as part of a group and individually.