Year 2

Below is the information for our curriculum across the school.  If you would like to view the long term plan for year 2 then please click here to Download Year 2 Long Term Plan

Please click here to Download St Richard's Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Delivery

At St Richard’s we are passionate about creating a ‘broad and balanced’ curriculum which is tailored to the needs of our pupils through a range of exciting projects with authentic outcomes. We aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to work creatively, deepening knowledge and developing skills and understanding through highly memorable experiences.  The Curriculum is organised to provide the children with their full entitlement to the requirements of the Revised National Curriculum (N.C.) at a level best suited to their age and ability. The school is continually reviewing the curriculum in order to ensure that children receive a broad and balanced education relevant to the world in which they live.

Our curriculum, which has been designed and personalised to enable our pupils to investigate and develop their skills around the foundation subjects more fully, is split into three main themes: Time Travellers, World Wanderers and Curious Creators. Each term the focus is on a different foundation subject with other subjects linked to it. Autumn term is spent discovering about the past through a history focus, in spring we explore our geographical skills and knowledge and we also consider global issues. In summer we concentrate on developing our creativity through different media. Each topic is taught through the investigation of a key question. These are:

Autumn Term: Time Travellers - How can we bring the past to life?   

Year 1: Can toys tell a tale?

Year 2: Where can flying take you?

Year 3: Do only the fittest survive?

Year 4: Have we always been treasure hunters?

Year 5: How can we overcome adversity?                                       

Year 6: Can conflict bring peace?


Spring Term: World Warriors – How can we make the world a better place?

Year 1: What do we need to belong?

Year 2: Whose world is it?

Year 3:  How do we overcome challenges?

Year 4: Are we dreaming of a better world?

Year 5: What is the difference between living and surviving?

Year 6: How can we stop global warning?


Summer Term: Curious Creators:  How can we create a masterpiece?

Year 1: What do we need to survive?

Year 2: Where does our food come from?

Year 3: Is it better to stand out or fit in?

Year 4: Do you trust your neighbour?

Year 5: What does it take to succeed?

Year 6: Is trade always fair?