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Emergency foster carers – we need you! 


With many people now staying at home to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, we’re putting a call out for anyone who might be caring enough to use this time to help provide a home to a child or young person, from birth through to 21 year olds. 


Classed as an emergency Foster Carer or supported lodgings provider, you would become the council’s own version of the NHS Heroes! It may be that you’re a council worker who has been asked to stay at home, or your partner may be a teacher, construction worker or even self-employed now finding themselves not able to work. Or you may still be working but are able to provide a home for an older young person aged 16 to 21 years. 


This could be your opportunity to extend the love and care you have for your immediate family members by opening your heart, and front door to a local child or young person in desperate need of somewhere to live, feel supported and be part of a family during this difficult time. 


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