E-Safety Policy

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Policy Statement


For clarity, the E-Safety Policy uses the following terms unless otherwise stated:



refers to all staff, pupils, governors, volunteers and any other person working in or on behalf of the school, including contractors.



any adult with a legal responsibility for the child/young person outside the school e.g. parent, guardian, carer.


Safeguarding is a serious matter and at St Richard’s we use technology and the internet extensively across all areas of the curriculum. Online safeguarding, known as e-safety, is an area that is constantly evolving and as such this policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or in response to an e-safety incident, whichever is sooner.


The primary purpose of this policy is twofold:


  • To ensure the requirement to empower the whole school community with the knowledge to stay safe and risk-free is met.
  • To ensure risks are identified, assessed and mitigated (where possible) in order to reduce any foreseeability of harm to the pupil or liability to the school.


This policy is available for anybody to read on the St Richard’s website; upon review all members of staff will sign that they have read and understood both the E-Safety Policy and the Staff Acceptable Use Policy.  A copy of this policy and the Pupil Acceptable Use Policy will be sent home with pupils at the beginning of each academic year with a permission slip. Upon return of the signed permission slip, showing acceptance of the terms and conditions, pupils will be permitted access to the school’s technology, including the internet.

Download the full policy as a PDF