Intimate Care Procedures

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Guidance for the Management of Intimate Care Procedures


“Intimate care is care which involves contact with parts of the body that we usually consider to be private.” Barnado’s Carers’ Handbook.

The term ‘intimate care procedures’ includes toileting and cleansing routines, catheterisation and colostomy care.

Key Points

This guidance relates to pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2. See separate guidance for the Foundation Stage.

  1. The need for school staff to manage intimate care for pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 is likely to be exceptional and as a result of:
  2. Staff should consider carefully the welfare of both pupil and adults, and the procedure to be used.
  3. When staff are required to manage intimate care there should, where possible, be two members of staff present. This should take place in the toilet adjacent to the school office as this is accessible and has the necessary resources available.
  4. Wherever possible staff should provide verbal support and guidance in order for the child to manage their own intimate care. Only in exceptional circumstances should there be the need for any physical contact between the adult and child. If physical contact is necessary, the adult should explain to the child what needs to be done.
  5. School staff should consult with senior leaders where any variation from agreed procedure is necessary. Any changes should be justified, discussed, agreed and recorded.
  • an accident (e.g. wetting, soiling)
  • additional needs (e.g. medical or physical difficulties)


  1. Staff must be willing, and the role should be included in their job description.


  1. Facilities – sufficient disposable resources should be to hand – disposable gloves; latex powder-free gloves; bedding roll; wipes for changing mat/plinth. Surfaces should be wiped down after each procedure and hands washed thoroughly. Equipment needs to be left in a safe, clean condition.


  1. Disposal - it is recommended that waste is placed in double black bin liners or in a bag supplied by a disposal company.


  1. Following any intimate care procedure a record should be completed on the appropriate form (attached) and stored in the Medical Needs file which is kept securely in the school office. Parents should be notified and soiled clothes returned.
Download the full policy as a PDF